7 Ways a CRM Can Help New Real Estate Professionals Break Into the Industry


With the task of juggling client relationships, digital marketing, project management, and appointment schedules, it’s common knowledge that customer relationship management platforms are essential for entrepreneurs wearing multiple hats— especially those in the real estate industry. Between client consultations, tours, and follow ups, organization and documentation are key for successful real estate agents; and having the space to track customer relations, take notes, and create pipelines makes for a seamless sales process. This is especially true for those new to the industry.   

New real estate agents aren’t only navigating licensing, market research, and lead generation, they’re settling into the day-to-day tasks and responsibilities that the life of a real estate entrepreneur entails. By utilizing an all-in-one customer management software, such as Mashore Method, new real estate agents can better navigate the industry landscape, make their first sales, and begin to attract and retain clients. 

At Mashore Method, we provide the technology, tools, support, and content framework catered specifically to your needs with customization and automation to help accelerate your businesses growth. We built Mashore Method with your busy schedule in mind, increasing growth rate and freeing up calendar space so you can spend more time working on your business rather than in it. We provide sales proven funnels, websites, workflows, email, and SMS— you won’t have to start from scratch like with most real estate CRM platforms. Our pre-built proven solutions for real estate professionals will help you close more sales and rise above the competition. 

Keep reading to discover how our real estate CRM software features can help you break into the industry as a new real estate entrepreneur, make prompt sales, and build lasting customer relationships, allowing you to scale and grow your business to the next level.  

Live Onboarding & Training Resources

As experts in small business CRM solutions and real estate coaching, we give you industry leading onboarding and training sessions to equip you with the tools to be an unmatched real estate and CRM expert of your own. We host a live hour-long one-on-one onboarding session to ensure you’re comfortable navigating Mashore Method, have your CRM set up, and can start customizing content. This means less time researching, browsing help forums, and learning by trial and error, and more time attracting leads and closing deals. As you continue to navigate the platform we offer a large training video library, and live Zoom support/office hours, so you can quickly resolve any issues or questions you encounter and get back to work. 

Website Builder

No more outsourcing website design to outside agencies. Mashore Method allows you to create clean, efficient, high functioning websites within its CRM. Our pre-built websites are designed for real estate agents to plug and play and sync to forms, contacts, workflows, emails, and SMS campaigns— all automatically. As a new real estate agent, this is your opportunity to showcase your brand, identify how you stand out from the market, and begin to attract leads. Plus, building your website in Mashore Method’s CRM means all of your leads are funneled into one sales pipeline, designed and built by you. No more bouncing back and forth between web browsers. 

Sales Funnel Design & Building

Capture, nurture, and close leads with a funnel customized to your business and sales process. We provide tools such as landing pages, surveys, forms, and calendar systems that make customer management easy and track customer development, generating new leads and adding opportunities to your pipeline. Continue to build customer relations with nurturing that can be automated via SMS, email, and more. Then, sales can be closed by utilizing built in tools to help collect payments, schedule appointments, and track analytics.

Digital Marketing

As a new real estate agent, Mashore Method will help you build an online presence and share valuable content with your audience while making connections that turn into appointments, automatically. Be strategic in your customer engagement and set up automated email flows, send out one time email campaigns, schedule social media posts, or send out bulk SMS campaigns all from one platform. Our real estate CRM doesn’t just manage social media, email, and SMS marketing— you can use Mashore Method to analyze and report on Facebook and Google Ads, allowing you to produce high performing Ad campaigns that result in customer engagement, generating leads and closing deals.  

Call Reporting

Track and manage customer outreach in an organized and seamless way using our call reporting system. View call stats including answered, missed, first time calls, and average call duration. Plus, view a detailed log of your latest phone calls for reporting purposes. As a new real estate entrepreneur, keeping track of missed calls and voicemails should be the last thing on your to-do list. Our customer engagement strategy features, like automatic text callback for missed calls, help with customer experience management ensuring that no sales are lost, all follow ups are completed, and more deals are closed.  

Booking & Appointments

Eliminate many of your manual processes like the hassle of back-and-forth emails, texts, and phone calls, and focus your time on closing your booked appointments. With Mashore Method’s appointment tool, clients can easily book one-on-one meetings via your website or landing page. Plus, our reporting tool allows you to analyze metrics like booked appointments, confirmed appointments, no shows, and cancellations. We’ll even help you track what channels your bookings came from, helping new real estate professionals assess where new leads are coming from, and what platforms are bringing in business.  

Reputation Management

As a new real estate entrepreneur, reputation management is key in ensuring your digital presence attracts new clients and leads— this means positive online reviews. Our reputation management tool gives an overview of online reviews received, average ratings, and review trends. We also include the tools to create a reviews widget for your website that both showcases your reputation and gets new reviews. You’ll even have the ability to create review requests with a link that sends the customer directly to the Facebook or Google page where they can write a review, rather than having to search for it. Be proactive about your reputation in the industry, and begin to attract and retain quality clients effortlessly.  

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